terça-feira, agosto 18, 2009

Americanos buscam empregos na China para fugir da recessão

Sinais dos tempos...

"Xangai e Pequim estão se tornando terras promissoras para recém-formados americanos que enfrentam o desemprego que se aproxima de dígitos duplos nos Estados Unidos.
Mesmo aqueles com pouco ou nenhum conhecimento de chinês estão atendendo ao chamado. Eles são atraídos pelo crescimento econômico da China, o custo de vida inferior e a chance de evitar a necessidade de adquirir experiência da maneira mais difícil, comum nos primeiros empregos nos Estados Unidos." (ler o resto aqui)

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rico_fil disse...

* The blind will be discovered had been aware of the inattentive
the dogma of having a straw, do not know what was not yet
know .......
* Art to see not only look
but in the fullness of view ....
* Art of aging is to have soul
the eternal youth ...
* The dream is to live performance.
The illusion is to live for disappointment
* We think we reason very little reason to think less and to understand better and catch more
* Who loves not accept the mistakes of his fellow man, but forgive them
* The courage of a man does not apply only in their attitude, but to assume it
* To the man responsible for the road is long
for the irresponsible, it is short.
* They amount to well in the crazy leadership to confuse those who are still idiots and take them to the precipice of pain and so agree to them then submerge and be themselves and get happy
* A lie is not subterfujo the weak from the strong!
* Death is our companion rate until we become immortal.!
* Being patriotic is not just born or grow in any country but love it
* Women are Amos Truly, because they generate and the fruit is born for eternity.
* When the Wolves prepare the pack they forget their young.
* Those who need it most are those who attack.
* I earned what I have to get!
* The course reflects the education that increases the happy moments.
* The elegance is not only in appearance more internally in person.
* The visual comfort is the need for well-being
Power to the natural man in practice not all.
* All power comes from high above are not all justified

( Ricardo ª Filgueiras )